We are so excited that you took up some of your valuable time to come and visit our site! This site only shows a small section of items we have conjured up in the past and serves as a showcase. Items you see are mostly sold already.

About Artifactory

Here at Artifactory we love to create things and oddities using almost anything we can get our hands on. Be it beads, screws, watch parts, or really an endless list of stuff this awesome world provides!


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Where to buy?

There are two option available to buy from us:

A: Markets

B: Contacting us


The best place to buy from us is at one of our market days. We offer the best prices and largest selection here. Our markets are streched around the Port Elizabeth South Africa region. To find out where we will be next you can:

1. Facebook, like our page and keep an eye out for market updates.

2. Contact us, go to our contact page on this website to contact us directly.


Contacting us (buying):

The last option to buy from us is contacting us with details on what you have in mind. Is it personal or gift, boy or girl, or any other details that will help us compiling a list of items suited just for you including images that can be e-mailed directly to you. Postage an be organised.